9 thoughts on “Video: Rust for the Windows Runtime

  1. Johan Lindfors

    Great introduction Kenny, I find it kind of interesting though that there seems to be a typo in your code in which uri::create_uri(…) should actually be Uri::create_uri(…) with Uri starting with a uppercase ‘U’. But it still seems to work for you, but not when I run it locally with the latest 0.7.1 version of winrt.

  2. Marcus Rahilly

    Will a VSIX be needed with another Xaml compiler? Could there be an open source XML page markup alternative sooner?

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      I don’t think the Xaml team has any plans to support Rust via the Xaml compiler any time soon, but you can get quite far without a Xaml compiler. I’m hoping to publish a sample or two soon.

      1. Marcus Rahilly

        It should be possible to use C#/WinRT at some point to wrap Xaml in an implementation .winmd file. Rust/WinRT and C++/WinRT would then just use the resulting Runtime Component.
        Rust samples will be welcome. Thanks!

      2. Marcus Rahilly

        No XAML could be better anyway and could help in writing apps which bridge WinRT and Win32. Write once in Rust and run everywhere.

  3. Marcus Rahilly

    Porting Petzold 6/e C++/WinRT async samples to C++/WinRT appears to be painful. Hope this might get better with Rust/WinRT.

  4. gents83

    Always awesome!
    Any plan to release a sample to create a simple winrt rust UWP application window without any other non-microsoft external crates dependencies?


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